Eldon Mascoll, Others: Adapting To The Digital Media Age, How To Succeed In The Industry

The influence of the digital landscape has played a major role on the way we navigate through all aspects of modern life. From the way we connect socially, to the way we watch TV or drive GPS-navigated cars, digital technology is continuing to influence the world.

Eldon Mascoll – Founder and Executive Producer of Freedom Park Media Group

Eldon Mascoll is a Toronto based entrepreneur, having founded numerous media companies throughout his career. Eldon currently uses his media experience to develop multi-platform projects at Freedom Park Media Group, a Toronto boutique media company which he founded and where he serves as executive producer.

Eldon Mascoll, Toronto Entrepreneur, Founder Of Freedom Park Media Group

Since the 90s, Toronto-based entrepreneur Eldon Mascoll has been making his mark in the media industry, working in areas that include television production, film, marketing and advertising.